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Pattern Levels Method Misc Brightness Saturation
Gain Compose Method Blur Brightness Saturation Smoothing(for method 2,default=30 )

Frames Delay Pause


Print Coeficient


Pointsize Style


Lineweight Distortion Rotation Excess-area Text-color Outline-color Background-color Under-color Glow-shadow-color Smudge Wave-cycles Arc-angle Gradient-angle Distance Rounding

Size (WidthxHeight) Type

Border around cell Background-color Edge Thickness Color of accent edge Brightness of spot Percent change in contrast of spots

Resize if Image is bigger than 1000 px Type

Size Offset (for Random) Brightness % Color for edge Thickness


Edge Contrast % Saturation %


Edge Gain Saturation Hue Thicken

X1,Y1 X2,Y2.. coordinate of Red Eye
Puzzle pieces Outer Color Empty Puzzle Color Missing Puzzle pieces Rotate Opacity
Frames Mattesize Matte Color Bordersize Shade Opacity
Number of Folds Angle of Fold Vertical crop location

Percent vertical offset % Shading Thickness Border Color Background Color Opacity

Number of Folds Angle of Fold Height crop % Vertical crop location

Percent vertical offset % Shading Thickness Border Color Background Color Opacity

Number of Colors Pattern:

Thickness Graylimit % Fuzzval % Angle Range Intensity Extent Bevel Second Angle Elevation Contrast Spread Mix


Tolerance Distance Input image existing background color Output image background color Shadow Ramping Edge Heighlight:


Fuzzval % Coordinates to start the floodfill(upper left corner of the input image is 0,0)

Resize Images to same pixel Frames Delay Pause Reverse animation sequence:

Coordinates center of two images(X1,Y1 X2,Y2)

Spacing Rotate by 45 degree:


Displacement Method:

Screen colorization

Mixing Color Space:


Brightness Contrast Saturation


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