Merge PDF files online free

Merge PDF files online free

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Merge pdf files online for free with this PDF conversion and optimization tool. Reduce PDF file size, the converted files are automatically optimized which gives PDF files of smaller size,,multiple files .!
This service allows you to easily Split PDF files online, directly from your web browser and without the need to install third-party software,,multiple files. Split Multiple files and make it several

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Main Service Features

PNG/JPEG/GIF/PDF/MP3 Compressor/Optimizer

PNG/JPEG/GIF/PDF/MP3 Compressor/optimizer is an online tool which lets you compress almost any image format to png without downloading any software on your device.

Just choose your local file and click convert! Works on all platforms including mobile phones and tablets!

Way2enjoy Image Optimizer and Resize Image - Wordpress Image Compression

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Compress & optimize image,PDF,MP3 by our image optimizer.Resize image & auto compress image by lossy image compression & optimization logic

Key Highlights

  • SEO friendly Image Optimization.
  • Optimize image, mp3, pdf and svg
  • lossless compression and lossy compression without losing image quality
  • Bulk image optimization to optimize more than one image at once
  • Improve your website’s load times
  • Optimize PDF, optimize MP3 files
  • Shrink JPEG, PNG, GIF files automatically with built in resize image option so dont need any other plugin like imsanity
  • HTML, JS, CSS compression can be enabled through gzip compression.
  • optimize thumbnails as well as featured images
  • compatible with WP Engine hosted websites and all the major hosting providers
  • compatible with WPML and WPML Media plugins


= What is image compression? = Image compression is a type of data compression applied to digital images, to reduce their cost for storage or transmission. Algorithms may take advantage of visual perception and the statistical properties of image data to provide superior results compared with generic compression methods = What is diff between baseline image and progressive JPEG and which one i should use? = Baseline image starts loading from top to bottom and progressive JPEG loads from low quality to high quality so without loading of full image, preview can be seen almost instantly. For websites, where loading time is most important factor, progressive images are preferred. Our image compression algorithm generates progressive jpeg. = Does optimizing images affect my ALT tags? = No, Plugin only optimize images, it wont touch anything else like your HTML/CSS = Does sites like facebook, twitter, youtube and amazon uses image optimizer ? = Almost all sites uses.

Easy To Use

Totally free and easy to use! Upload your image, select the compressor level, and enjoy. Your compressed image file will be ready within seconds!

Resize, optimize/optimise and compress JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, MP3 and SVG files while maintaining superior quality.Super charge your site speed with Way2enjoy Image Optimizer and improve SEO and sales

**No Signup/restriction/Trick. ★★★★★ image compression Plugin to optimise image incl all thumbs by default**

Activate the plugin and enjoy high quality compressed images free with lossless, lossy or super lossy logic. Lossless compression (without loss) & lossy compression (Minimal loss) are proven technique of image optimization. Manual control of quality is also available.Large unoptimized images can slow down your site load speed if images are not optimized with good image optimizer. If your WordPress site is slow and images are large or unoptimized, let’s resize it and scale down to your specified size and smush it. Optimize images automatically with the **Free Powerful Way2enjoy Image Optimizer** .

**Why use Way2enjoy Image Optimizer?**

1. **No Speed and Size Limits** Compress images without any limitation. The quality you can rely upon.

2. **Pixel-perfect optimization** using innovative tools and progressive rendering.

3. **Best compression/quality ratio** as we bring you the best compression /quality ratio available using lossy / lossless technique.

4. **Free Optimization** 1000 images/month free and high volumes can be purchased at nominal fee.

5. **Media, Nextgen and WooCommerce:** Optimize everything on your site including nextgen, woocommerce and compatible with WP Retina 2x, WP Offload S3, WP All Import, WP Media Folder, WPML, WPML Media Translation, styles etc.

6. **24x7 Chat support:** Instant response to all

7. **Reduce Image Size:** Reduce image size upto 90% in some lossy cases depending upon image.

Plugin optimizes all new upload automatically. you can also compress image which is already existing on website from plugin dashboard using bulk optimization. Click on compress all images and all previously uploaded images will start being optimized. Bulk optimization option allows to optimize multiple images with a single click. If you are changing width or height setting under resize image block then you need to click on reset all images link also. All previously optimized images meta data will be removed and you can optimize images once again with new width/height as additional filter.By default 150 old images are compressed but if you wish to increase this no and compress images of entire site change the value of Optimize Old Images to any higher no. This setting is available in resize image ++ block.

Mobile Friendly

Designed to work on most modern devices including tablets and mobile phones. Cut image size directly on your mobile devices browser. No need to install third party apps or programs!

Plugin provides image optimization statistics like images optimized, balance, average saving, google pagespeed score etc.

Way2enjoy image optimizer uses best algorithm and blazing fast servers to quickly compress image and optimize image and cuts all the unnecessary data without slowing down your website and helps to boost seo and performance.

Plugin scans every image you upload or already added earlier and optimizes before adding it to your media library.

Quality of compressed images can be changed from setting page of way2enjoy image optimiser but not recommended.Default(lossy) setting always ensures best image compression quality/size ratio but this parameters was added as google pagespeed was recommending image compression for already optimized images. Google pagespeed recommendation is based on plain logic and not always best for your images so compress image based on default setting only.This setting is only applicable for jpg optimizer and ignores png optimizer and gif optimizer output. compress pdf if you generate lot of invoices in pdf format. You can even compress mp3 files.

Way2enjoy image optimizer will compress images and optimize them.[Image compressor]( "Way2enjoy") API. You can compress jpeg, jpg, png, gif, pdf, mp3 and svg formats. There is no filesize limit. Plugin allow to convert your images to different file format but it may damage the performance of your site.jpg, gif and png are designed for different purposes and we dont advise to change format from jpg to png, png to jpg, jpg to gif, gif to png just to save few bytes as you may lose transparency, animation etc. Webp will be supported in future, once all browser starts supporting it.Plugin gives you best of both quality and size(lossy only).

The faster site load means more Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines and visitors love. Your site will load faster and rank higher so compress pictures now and fly.

Both lossy and lossless image compression is available.

We care about the quality and our image optimization algorithm takes care of photographers and they can optimize jpg. Logo/icon designer can optimize png and animation experts can optimize gif without any hesitation! Optimized images ensure better user experience, better PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix results, better seo, better Google PageRank and more visitors.It can reduce image size of jpg, png, svg, gif, mp3 and pdf file types.

“Image Optimizer does what it says on the box, Compresses Images and Resizes images beautifully. Its a Cool pice of kit and a synch to use. 10/10 I’ve paid good money for apps that are not nearly as good as this. I am happy.”

Only plugin which can compress svg (lossy)

Create smaller png/jpeg/gif files

JPG Optimization Level Adjust optimization level of JPG images.Default is lossy. Choose quality range from 20-100. Available for these two types of image compression: Lossless Compression Lossy Compression

PNG Optimization Level Adjust optimization level of PNG images.Default is lossy. Choose any one: No Compression Lossless Compression Lossy Compression Super Lossy Compression

GIF Optimization and PDF Optimization Level Adjust optimization level for GIF images and PDF files.Default is lossy. Choose any one: No Compression Lossless Compression Lossy Compression Max Lossy Compression

== Frequently Asked Questions == = Can I test the plugin compression before I purchase credit from = Yes, you can. = Will the optimized images remain on my blog if I uninstall the Image optimizer plugin? = Yes, of-course they will. Image optimizer Plugin simply replaces original image with optimized image = Which formats can be optimized? = Way2enjoy Image Optimizer can compress jpg, png, gif images. It can compress pdf and MP3 files also. = Should I continue optimizing and resizing with Photoshop? = Dont waste your time resizing and optimizing images in Photoshop = Google Pagespeed Insights still says my images need compressing and resizing? = Try lossy as it will save more. Scale down images. Scaling images just by setting width and height **under resize image setting** can save space and reduce image loading time. Decide right size and scale images down. Image optimization is complex task and required lot of resources and time. Google pagespeed Insights gives wrong warning as they decide based on some specific quality (probably 60) and we tries to reduce image size ensuring best possible quality so you can ignore google pagespeed warning else you can manually change the default quality setting which we dont advise. = How does the plugin work? = The plugin sends the original images to our Cloud for compression. Plugin then downloads the optimized images and the unoptimized originals are replaced with the compressed images. = How to include webp images ? = You can replace img tags with picture tags to include webp images. = What is difference between JPEG, PNG and GIF images and how they are compressed ?= PNG can hold transparency of images,so it can be put on any frame and it will adjust in that image or block. We compress png with utmost care and maintains transparency even with loosy. GIF images can hold animation so when you need animation, choose gif format. We use best algorithm to compress gif and ensures that animation works. JPG or JPEG images are most widely used image format. Plugin decides optimum balance automatically to compress jpg so that you get best quality and best compression together. = Is it free ? = We give unrestricted (upload 50MB file,no issue)access