Gamers shocking experience
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Gamers shocking experience

Get a suitable own music equipment is the pursuit of every enthusiast, recently listing of a Monster Cheap Beats By Dre Headphones dazzle lamp version, the first use of "FLASH" flash wire, created by experienced designers inspiration "Longji "shape, steadily, blinks, put out the lights three kinds adjustment mode can be adjusted. Earphones USB sound chip is added, using a virtual 7.1 surround sound, easy to identify the enemy position, so this is a suitable game enthusiasts multifunctional headphones, the sound quality is not the same to bring you the shocking experience.

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For the Australian friends, you can see the  Beats By Dre Australia , where the price is very cheap, like a friend may wish to see, Monster MLB dazzle light version with USB sound card spot virtual over 7.1-channel sound, clear positioning, so that players insight into every detail of the game. Meanwhile, in order to play in a smaller volume optimal sound, especially slim drive unit configuration, the new 40mm large diameter driver unit capable of outputting broad and detailed sound, so that players do not miss the game feel every bit of shock, so you kind of immersive feeling, this 3D effect is particularly evident.

MLB dazzle light version of the magic sound ear part is made ​​of soft leather material, its thick soft leather, elastic good, better comfort, while full face of the structure can be well wrapped around the entire ear, closed chamber body can get excellent sound insulation. We can see in the middle part of the ear grille material, can effectively disperse wear sweltering adapt to long-term use. Parameters of, MLBVMLB dazzle light version Frequency range is 20-22000Hz, impedance of 32 Ohms, Sensitivity-38dB ± 3dB. These parameters are enough for you to experience the game brings the shock effect, is still promotion, act quickly to Beats By Dre Cheap Online Find your stuff.