Benefits of Wood Apple

Benefits of Wood Apple by

Wood Apple is known as Bel in hindi. The bel fruit is traditionally used as a remedy for dysentery and other digestive ailments. The ripe fruit is sweet,aromatic and cooling. The vast array of health benefits that are attributed to wood apples are mainly due to their nutrients,vitamins and organic compounds,including their tannis,calcium,phosphorous,fiber,protein and iron.

  • cures digestive problems
  • provides relief from gastric ulcers
  • removes body toxins
  • boosts energy level
  • boosts metabolism
  • controls insulin secretion
  • removes dandruff
  • manage blood sugar level
  • manages hypertension
  • cures tuberculosis
  • cures indigestion and constipation
  • provides relief from irritable bowel syndrome
  • cures diarrhoea
  • treats sexual problems
  • prevents from scurvy disease
  • controls cholesterol level
  • cures respiratory disorders
  • relieves inflammation
  • cures snake bites
  • cures acidity and mouth ulcers
  • provides cooling effects during summer
  • maintains blood glucose level
  • prevents from liver disorders

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